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Working closely with Coed Cymru and Coed Cadw, the Bryn Arw Commoners Association secured the consent of the landowners, the graziers and all the relevant consultees. Permission to erect a fence on the common for 12 years was granted by the Welsh Planning Inspectorate on 10/5/19.


  • The Welsh Government, via the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme, have agreed to fund this project. The funding partly covers ground preparation and the plant itself, plus 12 years of aftercare for the trees, to ensure the highest rates of survivability.
  • Through entering a partnership agreement with The Woodland Trust, the project received expert advice on the plant design, particularly relating to the mix of broadleaf species and how to protect the existing trees on the common.
  • The Woodland Trust also agreed to carry out a botanical survey, to provide biodiversity baseline data for the site. Biodiversity data will be collected periodically, going forward.
  • The final chunk of funding, to cover the ground preparations, which entail extensive bracken control, has been raised through the sale of carbon credits.
  • The trees for the plant have been ordered from Maelor. This nursery in Shropshire is part of the ‘UK and Ireland Sourced and Grown’ (UKISG) The trees will be local provenance.


Ground preparations began in mid-July. The plant will take place over the planting season, November 2020 – March 2021.

Botanical Survey

With the assistance of the Woodland Trust, a botanical survey has been carried out on Bryn Arw. Transects were laid in Spring 2020, before ground preparations for planting on the common began. In this video, Alison Wheeler, an ecologist with over 30 years of field experience, outlines how the survey works.

With this baseline data, we will continue to record the flora on Bryn Arw annually.


Bedstraw and Bilberries

We have initiated a community art project, called ‘Bedstraw and Bilberries’, which will gather local artists to witness and represent the changes that this project brings about on the common.

The art project will conclude with an exhibition in Abergavenny in spring 2021.

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