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Thunderbirds are go!!

Bryn Arw Tree plant gets underway

We are finally getting started on the Bryn Arw tree plant. Over the next 3 months we will plant 120,000 mixed native hardwoods on our Welsh hillside. Ha! Apart from the fact its mid-winter, we have to get about 140 tonnes of young trees, canes and fencing materials to the top of the hill, erect a 3.5km fence and do all this on a 30-degree slope, without damaging or compacting the ground… it should be a piece of cake.

We didn’t plan or expect this, but we had to wait until late December before we had news that we had, at last, cleared the final Welsh Government bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles. I also need to somehow, magically, manage the cash flow as the GWC grant is paid retrospectively. We also plan to do a few experiments with our planting, of which more at a later date. 

Just for fun, to acknowledge all the people involved and to mark this unprecedented tree plant, I am going to try to do a blog all about it. I hope it might also be of some benefit to others planning to do similar, so they can see where we went wrong! 


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