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Since it's conception, Stump Up For Trees has been planting at multiple sites across the Bannau and South Wales. 

This includes targeted interventions for water quality and quantity in the Crai and Trothy catchments, 21ha of wood pasture | Coed Cae) and natural regeneration on the slopes of Fan Y Big, a 15ha new mosaic habitat restoring and creating 'Dunkard Wood' in Monmouthshire, our Traditional Boundaries of Wales project creating and restoring hedgerows with the Bannau Brycheioniog National Park Authority, Shelterbelts, Riparian woods, agroforestry and more.

In four seasons, we will have planted over 300,000 trees at over a hundred sites. Showing that small, careful woodland creation can have a substantial impact, individual actions make change happen.

A Consensus Approach

When Kate Beavan joined our team as woodland creation officer, she led the development of our consensus approach to tree planting.

Getting a tree in the ground can be a complex issue, with multiple stakeholders having an interest in the landscape. By considering the input of multiple parties during the design process - we're able to leverage the multiple benefits of trees to get the best outcomes for multiple beneficial impacts. Knowing where and what not to plant can be as important as knowing why or how to.

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