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Nadolig Llawen

We are delighted to send all our partners, supporters, volunteers and community our very best wishes at the beginning of the festive season.

December is the start of our planting season and our busiest time of year. So, whilst many are wrapping up for a well-deserved festive break, we're putting off hibernation and are out and about on the hills.  We hope to plant over 90,000 trees this season, showing that small decisions and individual actions can add to big positive changes. These trees will be part of mosaic habitats, from hedgerows to complex new woodland creation schemes, all carefully designed in our 'consensus planting' process, for multiple beneficial purposes. Ecological restoration that brings together communities, enables carbon sequestration, improved habitats, flood mitigation and water quality improvements. Trees bring life, it's hard to overstate their benefits.

We're planting over 9km of new hedgerows and shelterbelts, partly under our Traditional Boundaries of Wales partnership project with the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority. We are also planting new native broadleaf woodlands, riparian borders and, importantly for us, upland Coed Cae or Wood Pasture.

Our small team, alongside our amazing community of volunteers, will be hard at work over the coming months at the nursery, planning site operations, finalising agreements, and, of course, getting out there with our spades and planting trees.

We'd also like to let you know that a small landmark approaches – at some point soon we will plant our 250,000th native broadleaf tree! We'll share more about this and all our work in the New Year.

For now, Nadolig Llawen

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