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A Big Hoorah to the runners - Stump announced as joint recipient of Run4Wales Climate Action Fund

Last Friday 27th Jan, Run 4 Wales (R4W) announced over £17,000 in donations for projects supporting nature conservation, carbon reduction and climate adaption through partnerships with sustainability charities and a new Climate Action Fund initiative.

The fund has been generated through a series of Run 4 Wales’ events in 2022 – with contributions from event organisers, participants and event partners, with an aim to balance the impact that hosting major events has on the environment.

£10,000 is being invested in projects and organisations through the Climate Action Fund including Project Seagass (, which aims to launch a carbon capturing seagrass nursery in West Wales, the Initiative for Nature Conservation Cymru ( and Stump up for Trees! Hoorah!

We're delighted to be recognised by this innovative, community led fund. It's ideals ring true with Stump Up For Trees community focus and direct action, and we love the fact that the funds raised by folks who love getting out and about outdoors. We all want to be able to continue our lives, whilst recognising that the climate and biodivirsity crisis affect everything that we do. Working together to mitigate these impacts, and understanding the need to support our environment is the first step in making change. It might feel like small changes can have little impact, and that's true, small steps won't change the world on their own. But initiatives like this show what we can do, and how those little steps can add up and have big impacts. 

We are truly grateful to all the team, the additional sponsors (including Brecon Carreg), and of course all of you who have taken part in Run 4 Wales events and decided to opt out of those snazzy t-shirts to donate to this cause.

Many thanks

All of us at Stump Up For Trees

Read more about Run 4 Wales and the Climate Action Fund here: 

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