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Mission Performance - A new sponsor and a new approach!

We are delighted to announce our new sponsor Mission Performance

Taking a unique approach, guided by their B Corp ethos, Mission Performance have announced 'Mission Investment'. A strategy of investing in the environment in ways that mitigate climate impacts, promote transparency and connect actions with communities.

Mission performance are using a new approach, identifying a UEI (unit of environmental investment), based on carbon emissions of company activities. These UEI's are then invested into organisations which pass a key test: you must be able to see and experience them first-hand and measure the activity for every unit you invest.  

We're delighted to be announced as the land-based organisation that Mission Performance are working with to deliver environmental change, both within our landscape and our community!



Mission Performance are demonstrating their holistic understanding of the impacts of climate change and the challenge of creating solutions in complex environments. We look forward to developing this relationship with them, and showing how individual actions and community agency can make change and enable us to meet both the climate and biodiversity crisis!

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