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Save Our Wild Isles with Stump - 1 Week to Go!

We were delighted to be accepted in the Aviva Community Fund ‘Save Our Wild Isles’ campaign:

This match funded crowdfunder is helping community groups across the UK take action for nature.

As a community led organisation, working with and for farmers and our rural landscape, our approach to woodland creation is worth sharing. We aren’t restricted to single purpose planting projects as we believe our landscapes are more complex than that. We need trees for carbon sequestration; and water management; and shelter for livestock; and biodiversity corridors. It’s complex, consensus and place based – with different projects taking different approaches, to make sure that we’re doing the right thing and focusing on the right outcomes for each different site.

We asked our supporters to help us raise funds to enable us to better share and signpost our expanding knowledge of our nursery, ecological monitoring programs and woodland creation.

In the first week our community had raised enough money to beat our target of £3500 and by the end of the month our stretch target of £7500. This means that all additional funds raised can go straight into our tree nursery and help us to do even more ecological restoration and woodland creation this season!

As we’ve beaten both our targets and the maximum for the 2:1 fund that Aviva team have moved us on to their Community fund, which is still matching donations at 1:1. So for one more week only, make your donations double in value!

If you have a little to spare, or know someone who could please support us in our bid to restore our landscapes.

All our thanks

The Stump Up For Trees team.



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