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Welcome Rachel - our new Operations manager!

We're really excited to welcome Rachel Embury to our small Stump team.

Rachel started this August as our Operations manager and will be responsible for our woodland creation logistics and, unsurprisingly, operations.

Rachel has a really exciting background in horticulture and landscape management, with years of expertise in the sector, most recently working with volunteers at the Growing Spaces gardens and woodlands in Abergavenny and Monmouthshire. She is also doing an MSc at the Centre of Alternative Technology on sustainability and the environment.

Rachel has thrown herself in in only the first few weeks, working with volunteers at the nursery and on our Bracken Bash weekends.

She's also been out and about in one of the most important part of Stump, one that can often go under the radar with the excitement around planting trees - our long term monitoring programs. Rachel has been meeting our landowners and inspecting our sites from the last three seasons. Working closely with Rob (our project Director) she'll be supporting landowners in monitoring and maintaining the new trees as they grow for the next 12 years. She'll also be feeding back to the woodland creation team, as part of our own due diligence and so that we continue to learn and develop our expertise.

We wish Rachel all the best for the next few months and are really excited about welcoming her to our dedicated and slightly unusual team!

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