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Trees on Farms

Landowners and Farmers

Stump Up For Trees is an ambitious farmer-friendly, woodland creation charity working across communities in the Bannau Brycheiniog | Brecon Beacons area.

We are run by farmers and woodland creation experts, for farmers interested in integrating more trees and hedging into their farming system and to help meet proposed Welsh Gov Sustainable Farming Scheme targets.

We aim to plant one million trees on unproductive, marginal land and steep bracken banks. Trees offer many advantages to a farm system and are a crucial factor in the sectors' ambition to reach Net Zero, enhance biodiversity and provide natural flood management.


We offer advice and long-term support for land managers, from designing to delivering their woodland creation projects, whether it is hedgerows, wood pasture or new woodland.

Our team work with you on your proposal, mentoring your project with the option to provide local provenance tree stock grown and supplied by Stump Up For Trees at our Nursery.

We provide grants specifically adapted for each project. As well as woodland creation capital costs, we pay annual maintenance grants for up to 12 years, to ensure the trees have the best chance of reaching establishment.

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