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Enjoy 10% off your next Pooky order plus raise a free donation to Stump Up For Trees

Enjoy 10% off your next Pooky order plus raise a free donation to Stump Up For Trees

We are always interested in novel ways to fundraise, particularly little ways that add up to something.

Our good friends who manage the home décor company Pooky have offered advice and made donations to Stump Up For Trees in the past. We have come up with a new idea this time, though, working with the fundraising platform Savoo to offer our supporters an exclusive discount code for 10% off all their must-have lighting and home accessories - from 12th April to 4th May.

The best part? When you redeem this code, you’ll generate a free donation equal to 2% of your total order value which comes directly to us. Tidy!

I know 2% doesn’t sound like much, but you never know… we think every penny counts.

How to access the Pooky discount code:

  • First, go to Savoo’s Pooky discount code page
  • Click on the exclusive 10% off at Pooky code
  • Go through onto their website and shop as normal
  • Redeem the exclusive discount code when you reach checkout
  • Once your order is confirmed, 2% of your total order value will be donated straight to Stump Up For Trees, via Savoo. Whoop, whoop – trees get planted.

It’s as easy as that! The donation requires no extra payment or effort from you.

How will my donation help?

Your donations will help us to plant more trees, and plant them well. Here at Stump Up For Trees our key goals are:

  • persuade upland farmers and other landowners to include more trees on their farmland and designate a proportion of their land for tree planting, enhancing biodiversity and natural flood management.
  • We also have an educational programme, taking tree planting into secondary schools in and around the area.
  • We aim to leverage multiple sources of funding to demonstrate how the public sector, business and the general public can be good partners in planting woodlands for the future.

How else can I help?

If you have a few hours to spare and want to make a difference to the world you live in and give back to nature then why not sign up to be a Stump Up For Trees volunteer? We are a small charity and need help with everything from designing documents to planting the trees themselves.



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