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Yule Greetings and Tree Planting Seasons

Standing on Bryn Arw looking at the Snow on the Sugar Loaf with Pen Y Fan in the far Distance
Standing on Bryn Arw looking at snow on the Sugar Loaf with Pen Y Fan in the far distance

Rather than resting up as the days draw in, we at Stump are in full swing. We're hoping to plant over 50,000 trees this season, and whilst the weather has been cold the ground has been perfect and the volunteers on top form, getting us away at a pace this December.

At midwinter however, reflection is a fine activity. One reflection is that we need to update our news more regularly and here's a midwinter promise that I'm already writing the New Year post!.

Mostly though, we've been talking about our sponsors, partners and volunteers and wondering how on earth we would ever have got to this stage without you all (spoilers.. we wouldn't). From the farmer overseeing the shelterbelt in the driving wind, the small business who put that little aside each month to support us, the 'shows up to every Bracken Bash ever' stalwart, to the first time tree planting volunteer, checking they've heeled in that tree just right. You are the energy that keeps us going.

With our thanks, we wish you all a wonderful Yule, the best Christmas and a relaxing festive season. 

A Stump Up for Trees Christmas Card

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