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We planted our 250,000th tree!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have planted our 250,000th tree on an upland farm in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park with a team of volunteers. With this landmark, we are one-quarter of the way to achieving our initial target of planting one million native broadleaf trees in south-east Wales to enhance biodiversity, sequester carbon, provide natural flood management and improve air, soil and water quality. 

As an innovative woodland creation and landscape restoration charity, enabling private and corporate funding to truly make a positive difference in both nature recovery and local communities, tackling multiple small-scale interventions as well as larger plant sites, and generally making a lot of noise about trees - this is a huge milestone for us to reach. 


Dr Keith Powell, sixth generation Black Mountains farmer, vet and our co-founder said, “Working with the farming community is in our DNA. Our key goal is to encourage farmers to increase tree cover on their farms in ways that deliver ecosystem services and critically, support and even improve agricultural production. To mitigate the climate and biodiversity crisis at the sort of rate now required, we have to bring farmers with us.”


Stump Up For Trees gives grants and advice to landowners to plant hedgerows, shelterbelts, riparian woodland, new native woodlands and upland wood pasture, using a consensus approach to planting, planning and long-term management. Working with a community of volunteers aged 8 – 83 years old, the charity has planted trees at over 70 sites across the region, as well as growing on over 150,000 trees in their own community tree nursery.  


“The climate and biodiversity crises can feel overwhelming to us as individuals. This milestone shows that small individual actions undertaken by our volunteers at a local level can make the difference. We have planted a quarter of a million trees, but we feel connected to a global movement that has planted hundreds of millions in recent years, and that is empowering,” Dr Jenny Knight, General Manager of Stump Up For Trees said. 



“Stump Up For Trees began as a conversation in our local pub. We have come a long way,” Rob Penn, author and co-founder of Stump Up For Trees, said: “It feels good to have planted our 250,000th tree in just four years, but we’re certainly not stopping here.” 


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